International Women's Day March 8th, 2015 Theme:

International Women’s Day March 8th, 2015

All over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks, we see a vast buildup about International Women’s Day on March 8th. This is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. International Women’s Day honors and celebrates women’s successes, and reminds us of the inequalities that still need to be addressed. Throughout history, women have fought multiple times to have their rights acknowledged as equal citizens. This day is meant to remind us of the constant struggle that has taken place for equity in addition to shedding light on the struggles to come. This year’s theme is Make it Happen (#makeithappen)- a phrase that wholeheartedly resonates with most of us women, especially those many women climbing the ladder to fulfill their goals (whether they be educational, career, family or spiritual). Many of us face numerous roadblocks, seemingly one after the other, when trying to reach personal goals. Along with juggling a family, we also have to manage time to continue our education, careers, and most importantly, a spiritual life. Doing all of this really seems to take a toll. But, when looking at it from the perspective of it-may-be-a-blessing-in-disguise, these actually allow us to develop traits for success.

Now, let’s take a slight twist. The purpose of me to write this article was to show how, as Muslim women, it’s important to realize that Allah (SWT) has made it quite easy for us when it comes to building and leaving a legacy. Unfortunately, we live in a time where we are constantly reminded that Muslim women are meek, oppressed and denied access to education, the ability to drive or even the right to cast a vote. These stereotypes, ironically, are often made without taking into consideration any of the prosperous and noteworthy Muslim women who shined bright throughout our history. As daughters, sisters, and mothers, we are given the opportunity to influence generations to come! It’s never too early to start investing in building your legacy, so it’s important to continually think about how you can leave a mark and the the impact of the mark will be. Lucky for us, we’ve also been given no shorter than an abundance of women throughout our history to show us exactly how a legacy is left.

One of the most mentioned legacies is that of Aisha (radhiAllahu anha), one of the dearest wives of the Prophet (saw), as well as one of the greatest female scholars and was one of the most authoritative female voices in Islamic jurisprudence almost 1,500 years ago. During her marriage to the Prophet (saw), an intimate and close bond of friendship was developed. Taking into consideration that Aisha (radhiAllahu anha) was married at such a young age, who, besides the Prophet (saw), fostered her education and nurtured her intellectual development? She was considered more knowledgeable than most of the male companions who lived at the time of the Prophet (saw), in matters related to Qur’anic interpretation, poetry, medicine and history. Men and women alike studied under her instruction. She participated in battles during her husband’s life and served as a public voice for Islamic teachings after his death. Her life represented a Muslim women’s excellence in political engagement, military leadership, public policy, and academic standing. Amazingly, her male companions, and the Caliphs to follow treated her with respect, admiration, appreciation — and, as equals. May Allah (Swt) be pleased with her.

In honor of all the brilliant Muslim women who lived a life full of meaning and value and left such honorable legacies for us to follow, we hope that International Women’s Day is a time for us to rekindle their spirits and set our goals high. We recognize International Women’s Day not because we’re in need of a new holiday, but because we, as Muslim women, remind ourselves that we come from a religion that promotes our intellectual and spiritual achievements and we come from a legacy of women who fought hard to achieve no less than world. This year, let’s strive hard to achieve the same. Let’s #makeithappen.

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