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It’s testimonial Tuesdays. Today’s testimony comes from Texas, where a woman who stayed at our transitional Housing shares why she had to do so.”AslamOalikum. I would like to thank ICNA Relief for its residential, financial as well as moral support. Alhumdolillah ICNA Relief has played a key role in my success. Even with a job, I was financially exhausted due to responsibilities. Since it was my senior year, financial aid provided from my university was very limited and I was unable to keep up with my studies without taking loans which required paying interest. Alhumdolillah, with the help of ICNA Relief for last two semesters, I was able to continue my education part-time and without further delay. I was Alhumdollilah provided residence by ICNA Relief for a year. Inshallah I will be graduating this semester. I am looking forward to better job opportunities. The assistance provided by ICNA Relief means a lot to me and Alhumdolillah it has allowed me to reach my goal. I would like to thank ICNA Relief team, especially Sr. Seemi Bukhari, Br. Saad Ansari, Br. Ather, Br. Shabir, and the donors for their generosity in support. May Allah (swt) Bless you all and Put barakah in your lives and in this organization, and may He (swt) Make our intentions pure and Make us all amongst those who help others with sincerity, Ameen.”

ICNA News: ICNA Relief National Transitional Housing Network for Women


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